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Office 365 - Setup Microsoft Intune on Android Devices

1. Go to the Google Play Store and install the Intune Company Portal App from Microsoft.

2. Click on the Sign In button.

3. Sign into the Intune Company Portal App with your username in the following format (

4. Click to the setup steps. You may need to update your password if it doesn’t meet your organization’s requirement.

5. Click continue.

6. Click Agree to continue setting up a work profile. A work profile is a separate area of an Android device for storing work apps and data. Work profiles allow organizations to manage organizational data without touching personal data on the device. Work profile applications will be removed when Intune has been unenrolled from the device.

7. When you’re done you will see the below. Click on Done.

8. You can add corporate managed apps by using the Intune Company Portal app’s menu button and then tapping on “Get apps” .

9. You can determine which apps are managed by your company by looking for the briefcase overlay on the lower right corner of an app’s icon.


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