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Setup Microsoft Intune MDM on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Intune requires your mobile device to be on at least iOS version 13. Please ensure that your mobile device meets this requirement. You can check by going to Settings > General > About

1. Go to the AppStore and download Intune Company Portal

2. Open Intune Company Portal

3. Sign in with your username in the following format (

4. Download Management Profile by selecting Continue

5. Select Allow, to provide access to install your company’s configuration profile

6. After the profile has installed, select Close

7. Go to Settings and select Profile Downloaded

8. Select Install

9. Select Install

10. Select Install

11. Select Trust

12. Select Done

13. If successful, should see your company’s Management Profile

14. If your passcode does not meet the passcode complexity, you may be prompted to set up a passcode, select Change Now

15. You may be prompted to enter your email password similar to image below, but you will need to click Cancel and launch Comp Portal to ensure this device is compliant beforehand.

16. To start syncing emails, you will need go to Settings and select Mail

17. Select Accounts

18. Select your company’s Corporate Email

19. Click on Re-enter your password, then enter your password

20. Afterwards, you will need to set your corporate email as the default account for Mail, Contacts and Calendar individually by going to Settings

21. Select Mail, scroll down and select Default Account

22. Select your corporate email (as shown in image below)

23. Go back to Settings, select Contacts and select Default Account

24. Select your corporate email (as shown in image below)

25. Go back to Settings, select Calendar, scroll down and select Default Calendar

26. Select Calendar under your corporate email (as shown in image below)

Update Mail Signature (Optional)

1. Go to Settings, select Mail

2. Scroll down and select Signature

3. Select either All Accounts or Per Account, then select the text box and enter the desired signature All Accounts

Per Account


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